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2023 verified emissions expected down 11% year-on-year

On 3 April the European Commission will release the data on 2023 verified emissions from installations obliged to participate in the EU ETS. (Updated 20 March with confirmed date 3 April by EC).

We estimate 2023 emissions from stationary installations (excluding aviation sector) at 1150 Mt, down 161 Mt or 12.3 % from 2022 levels. For all EU ETS installations (including aviation) we estimate 2023 emissions at 1205 Mt, down 155 Mt or 11% from 2022 levels.

The below table shows our estimates for 2023 emissions: Power and heat We estimate 2023 power and heat emissions at 538 Mt, down 129 Mt or 19.3% from 2022 levels. The main reason is the 3.5% drop in overall electricity demand (according to ENTSO-e data...

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