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Answering the developers: The European Commission's clarifications on Hydrogen Delegated Acts

Following the adoption of the two Delegated Acts on renewable hydrogen in February 2023, the European Commission has issued further clarifications on queries raised by hydrogen producers and certifiers, aiming to provide a more precise interpretation and implementation of the legislation. The resulting reports have summarised meetings held between the Commission, certifiers and stakeholders from the voluntary schemes and addressed several key aspects critical for fuel producers and entities involved in renewable hydrogen production. The discussion focused on the implementation of the requirements set out in the RFNBO Delegated Act, and the Delegated Act setting out the GHG calculation methodology for renewable fuels of non-biological origin and recycled carbon fuels, also known as the GHG methodology. 

What is new?  In this article, Veyt provides insights from the Commission Q&A, focusing on additional clarifications, relevant to the RFNBO Delegate Act. This information was not presented in Veyt's previous article.  These clarifications are considered v...

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