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Veyt wins Climate Risk Research House of the Year in the 2024 Energy Risk Awards

Following a record year of growth, Veyt is pleased to announce that it was selected as the winner in the Energy Risk Awards for the Climate Risk Research House category.

The award acknowledges Veyt's market-leading analytics framework and insights in low carbon markets - from emissions trading to renewable fuels and how these markets interact and impact each other.

"Demand for renewable energy is set to grow. Veyt's role is to provide data and insights for companies navigating the existing and upcoming regulatory frameworks that are emerging globally. Manoeuvring the complexity of environmental markets has never been more challenging", says Marie Thuestad, CEO of Veyt. "We're here to help our customers assess, analyse and predict the low-carbon future", she adds.

Veyt covers all key markets driving the energy transition including renewable power, renewable fuels, compliance and voluntary carbon markets. Many of these markets are characterised by a lack of transparency and limited liquidity, and some are traded exclusively over-the-counter.

"Addressing that challenge, we at Veyt have revolutionised our data offering with a state-of-the-art in-house data science and predictive modelling infrastructure. This covers fundamental forecasting across short-, medium-, and long-term horizons, complemented by predictive analytics and extensive fundamental datasets", explains Chief Analytics Officer Marcus Ferdinand.

Ferdinand concludes that "supporting the net-zero transition is a key motivator for us at Veyt. Crafting an analytical platform which is unique, ambitious, and highly relevant for our customers is our daily mission to enable a net-zero world. Being awarded with the Climate Risk Research House of the Year confirms that we are on a good pathway to delivering high value to our customers".