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Meet the team

Our leadership team

Our senior leadership team are an experienced and international team made up of talented, passionate and driven experts in their field.

Our team

Marie Thuestad


Global leadership profile with 15 years of experience in developing energy markets in a period of continuous growth. Marie has held leadership roles within sales, business development, strategy and operations in Nord Pool and Equinor.

Marcus Ferdinand

Chief Analytics Officer

Expert in European power and carbon market analysis, with more than a decade of experience. Marcus held leadership roles in market intelligence companies including ICIS and Thomson Reuters.

Francois Pretorius

Chief Commercial Officer

Experience executive with 15+ years working in commercial teams globally. Francois has held leadership roles in SaaS and Consulting firms and has a proven track record in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Flavio Oliveira

Chief Technology Officer

Extensive experience in software development, having worked in large enterprise systems in different industries. Held positions in Ericsson, Nokia and Thomson Reuters.

Hæge Fjellheim

Head of Carbon analysis

Hæge has 15+ years experience in independent carbon market analytics and research, having led a team of carbon market analysts at LSEG/Refinitiv covering EU ETS, China ETS and other compliance markets worldwide. She previously worked as a carbon policy analyst at Point Carbon/Thomson Reuters and at the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Hæge holds a master's in political science

Daniel Arnesson

Manager - Renewable Power Analysis

Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) specialist with close to a decade of experience, working with renewable energy and low-carbon markets throughout the E.U., the U.S., and emerging countries in Africa and Asia. Holds two Masters degrees in law, with focus on development, energy transition, and the environment, and completes a Ph.D. at the University of Oslo on the development of EAC markets around the world.

Stephan Bowe

Manager - Renewable Gas

More than a decade of experience in verification systems for renewable gases. Based in Berlin and leading Greenfact's green gas activity development. He is a consultant for GreenGasAdvisors and works at Greenfact in parallel.

Léo Robert

Analyst - Renewable Power

Climate change enthusiast and former OECD Economics Consultant on Renewables within the IPAC. Holds a Master in Economics and Public Policy from Sciences Po Paris.

Ingvild Sørhus

Manager - EU Carbon Analysis

Ingvild has broad experience in climate policy analysis and has followed carbon markets since 2007.

Emilie Lucas

Head of Sales and Growth Strategy

Sales and Growth Strategy professional with an MSc in Business Administration. She has a broad experience in business development for Energy and ESG market intelligence providers, including ICIS and Volue.

Mats Zachariassen

Head of Sales Nordic, Germany, and Eastern Europe

MBA from the University of Stirling. Mats has extensive sales and market experience within the renewable energy sector.

James Campbell

Sales & Marketing Manager

BA Hons in Business Management from Teesside University. Growth and marketing professional. Previously worked at Bulb Energy (UK) and Barclays PLC.

Grecia Corral

Sales & Marketing Manager

Sales and marketing professional with a BA in Marketing and Business Administration with over six years of experience in B2B and B2B strategies with the FMCG and energy industries. Previously worked at Cleanworld as a Power and Carbon Offset broker.

Kumara Rathnam

Senior Analyst - Renewable Power

MSc Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). UK and EU market specialist for green certificates.

Mary Polovtseva

Analyst - Renewable Energy Policy

Climate change and energy transition specialist with experience in climate diplomacy from the EU Delegation to Russia. Holds B.S. Hons in Geography from King's College London and a master’s degree in Energy Management from Nord University.

Anders Nordeng

Senior Analyst - EU Carbon

Anders specialized in policy analysis. He has extensive knowledge of the EU ETS's institutional framework and a wide political and commercial stakeholders network.

Luke Sideropoulos

Analyst - North America Carbon

MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from The London School of Economics and Political Science. Renewable energy and sustainability enthusiast, specializing in carbon markets.

Henry Lush

Analyst - EU Carbon

Carbon market specialist with experience in policy analysis and the EU ETS. Holds an MPA from the University of Bergen.

Stéphannie Galdino

Analyst - Voluntary Carbon

Graduated in International Economic Relations from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Doing a post-graduation in sustainable business management. Has experience in corporate sustainability, intrapreneurship, carbon credits, carbon markets, carbon footprints, and decarbonization strategies.

Fitri Wulandari

Analyst - Voluntary Carbon

M.Eng in Energy and Environmental Management from Europa-Universität Flensburg. Experienced in analyzing the carbon and renewable energy market, focusing on corporate climate action.

Duong Thi Thuy Mai

Analyst - China Carbon

M.A, Ph. D‚ in Economics and Politics from Ruhr-University Bochum and Fudan University, specializing in climate change, and energy security with a strong focus on carbon markets.

Christos Mavrogiannis

Analyst - Renewable Power

MSc in Economics of Oil and Gas from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Previous experience in EU energy policy in Brussels.

Kevin Lim

Senior Analyst - Renewable Gas

MSc Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Data science. Previously worked in electricity industry in Australia.

Proadpran B. Piccini

Senior Analyst - Renewable Gas

MSc in Environment Management from University of Oxford, UK. Specialist in renewable energy. Previously worked at Norwegian Business School BI. At present, studying at a doctoral level (PhD) with the research topic related to the power industry, alongside working at veyt.

Mattis Kleine


MSc in IT Product Development from Aarhus University. Mattis is Interaction Designer and Software Engineer and has a passion for simple, aesthetic solutions.

Filipe Pereira

Data Engineer

Graduate degree in Computer Engineering from Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Worked as a lecturer in the University and has experience as a Software developer.

Ghali Yakoub

Senior Analyst - Renewable Power

Ph.D. fellow at University of Agder, holds a MSc. in civil engineering within the field of Renewable Energy. His main focus of research is on AI/ML engineering applications within the field of Renewable Energy.

Marta Wroniszewska

Lead Analyst - EU Carbon

Marta brings tremendous experience as a Lead Carbon Market Modeller, having 10+ years of experience developing and operating a fundamental EU ETS model.

Adrian Renz

Data Scientist

MSc. in Mathematical Sciences with a specialization in statistics. His primary focus lies on predictive modeling and employing machine learning methodologies to forecast market trends and asset relationships.

Irina Peltegova

Senior Analyst - Renewable Power

Irina brings 10+ years experience of pricing, researching and analysing wholesale energy markets with a special focus on CEE/SEE electricity markets. Experienced content creator and editor. Irina has two bachelor's degrees in Media & Cultural Studies as well as Multimedia Journalism.

Frank Melum

Senior Analyst - Global Carbon

Elizabeth Zelljadt

Senior Analyst

Elizabeth (“Lisa”) Zelljadt is a senior analyst, offering data and analysis on carbon markets around the world.

Lisa Zafoschnig

Senior Analyst - Renewable Power

Harry Öhman

Senior Analyst - EU Carbon

Felix Sarfo Agyapong

Student Analyst - Renewable Power

Jakob Olsen

Student Analyst - Renewable Power