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CO2 Emissions Life Cycle in the Swiss GO system

Written by

Léo Robert

Analyst - Renewable Power

Climate change enthusiast and former OECD Economics Consultant on Renewables within the IPAC. Holds a Master in Economics and Public Policy from Sciences Po Paris.

Table of contents

From now on, the Swiss GO system “calculates for all electricity marking depreciations per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced the greenhouse gas emissions in kg CO2 equivalent (kg CO2 eq.) over the life cycle of the product and the ecological load units (ELU)”.

What does this change?

Before, the Swiss GO system was considering the CO2 emissions for GOs, but only those emitted during the production of electricity, not the whole life cycle of production. Now, electricity producers emitting Swiss GOs can present to their clients the CO2 ­­­life cycles of their electricity production.

The values to calculate the CO­2 ­emissions of one GO are available here (excel file downloadable here).

This is a big shift in the Swiss GO policy and will impact its market, no doubt. Greenfact will, in the weeks to come, take into account this new variable into account when differentiating one Swiss GO from another.

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