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Italy to auction 2.1 TWh of GOs on 20 January 2023

Italy will auction around 2.1 TWh of Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) on 20 January 2023.

Written by

Léo Robert

Analyst - Renewable Power

Climate change enthusiast and former OECD Economics Consultant on Renewables within the IPAC. Holds a Master in Economics and Public Policy from Sciences Po Paris.

The auction will be managed by GSE, and the auctioned GOs are from renewable energy, which benefited from production or investment support. The GOs are for 2022 production (January to December), with about half of the GOs from Biomass, followed by Hydro and Solar.

Compared to the previous auction, the total offered volume dropped by around 54%, mainly due to the decreased production from Solar and Biomass, which declined by about 85% and 39%, respectively. In the previous auction held in December 2022, 79.6% of the volumes were sold).

Compared to the first auction of 2022 (where the same months and technologies were auctioned in January), volumes auctioned increased in total by 24% (+401.86 GWh). Volumes for Hydro more than doubled (+132%) while Wind GOs were almost halved (-72%). In January 2022, 99.92% of the volumes were sold (1,679 out of 1,680 GWh). If the same amount was to be sold, that would represent 80.6% of the auctioned volumes in ten days.

Source: GSE

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