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January HUPX Pan-European auction - Prices recovering?

HUPX (Hungarian Power Exchange Ltd), the appointed operator for the Hungarian GOs market by MEKH (Hungarian Energy & Utilities Regulatory Agency), held its 5th pan-European auction for Guarantees of Origin (GOs) on 17 of January 2022. In this auction only EECS GOs (produced from April to October 2022) were traded while national GOs, albeit still open for trade, seem to have been almost completely phased out from the market.

The National GOs refer to GOs produced before 1 February 2022, which are Primary FiT non-EECS GOs and can be traded only by HUPX GOs members via the MEKH registry. MEKH issues GOs automatically for production with fixed rate support (KÁT) to the Account of the Hungarian TSO MAVIR from 2022. These GOs will be sold by MAVIR through an auction on the organized electricity market, and the auction income is used for covering the costs of the KÁT scheme.

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