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Stéphannie Galdino

Analyst - Voluntary Carbon


I am a voluntary carbon market analyst at Veyt, where I provide objective analysis on recent market developments and trends. This is achieved in part through identifying fundamentals and modelling supply and demand in voluntary carbon markets.
In my experience, the global and voluntary nature of these markets often brings unexpected developments. My job is to describe these changes to our clients in a comprehensible manner. One key trend that I see emerging is that many voluntary market participants now anticipate being subject to regulation in the future in some form or another.

I work on supply and demand both quantitively and qualitatively, importing and cleaning data, sense checking it and then sharing insights and developments via regular reports and briefings to our clients. I also analyse emerging carbon markets in Latin America and Oceania, reaching out to potential data partners and keeping an eye on these up-and-coming markets. Overall, my objective is to ensure our clients have the necessary tools to make better decisions.

Before joining Veyt, I trained first in international economics and then in business administration, completing my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. As a result, I am just as comfortable reading legal texts as I am producing a model in Excel. In 2018, I began my journey in sustainability when I worked at Fundação Dom Cabral’s Sustainability Center, a Brazilian business school. I was responsible for ESG reporting and developing materiality matrixes, and assisting clients to consider which ESG factors were important to meeting their strategies. A stint at Mitsubishi Corporation, where I worked on improving their sustainability strategy, has enabled me to work directly for industry. As a result, I have worked alongside a broad range of market stakeholders and participants.

Working at Veyt, and with an environmental/green commodity, means I have a real impact on the world, albeit somewhat indirectly. I live in Berlin, and I speak English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. In my spare time, I enjoy learning new languages and listening to crime podcasts.