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Voluntary Carbon

In a complex and decentralised environment such as the voluntary carbon market (VCM) we offer objective and forward-looking analysis helping you to manoeuvre the uncertainties.

Voluntary carbon markets change quickly, driven by participants behaviour, policy updates and market sentiment. Our in-depth analytics products and services are built by a team of experienced carbon analysts and data scientists.

We provide data and analytical insights that equip you to make robust and informed decisions.

A laptop displaying the Veyt Voluntary Carbon platformA laptop displaying the Veyt Voluntary Carbon platform

Timely analyses covering

  • over the counter (OTC) and exchange price development
  • market drivers in form of weekly market reports and outlooks
  • policy and regulatory developments
  • market participant behaviour

Interactive, customisable dashboards covering

  • exchange contract prices and liquidity 
  • wholesale price estimates with high-granularity filter function
  • in-depth issuance and retirement statistics
Veyt Voluntary Carbon - CBL FuturesVeyt Voluntary Carbon - CBL FuturesVeyt voluntary carbon - CBL open interestVeyt voluntary carbon - CBL open interestVeyt Voluntary Carbon - OTC Wholesale IndexVeyt Voluntary Carbon - OTC Wholesale Index

A world class team of analysts

At Veyt, our expert analysts, renowned in the industry, provide trusted guidance, reliable insights, and exceptional support for navigating the voluntary carbon market effectively.