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EU Carbon

Europe's carbon market (EU ETS) is a cornerstone in the EU's strategy to reduce emissions, aligning with the ambitious Fit-for-55 target framework. Since its inception in 2005, the EU ETS framework has undergone numerous adaptations and will continue to evolve.

At Veyt, our team of experienced EU Carbon market analysts and data scientists offers cutting-edge real-time analytics products and services. We provide extensive historical and current data, enabling a thorough understanding of the EU ETS mechanics.

Our proprietary in-house modelling approach delivers detailed insights into market participant behaviour, allowing us to anticipate future market dynamics with precision.

Veyt EU ETS Premium product on a screenVeyt EU ETS Premium product on a screen

Scenario modelling and long-term forecasting that

  • goes in-depth on EU ETS demand and supply parameters
  • identifies risks and opportunities
  • accounts for agent behaviour and stakeholder strategies
  • creates long-term visibility with a view towards 2030 and beyond
  • provides predictive analytics
  • is based on a detailed assessment of abatement options and costs in various sectors
  • reflects a deep understanding of the evolving policy and regulatory landscape
EU ETS product - EUA Open interest seasonalityEU ETS product - EUA Open interest seasonality

Timely analysis covering

  • market and price drivers
  • European policy and regulatory developments
  • market behaviour and stakeholder positions
  • regular market updates and outlooks every week
  • advanced technical analysis

Interactive dashboards covering

  • supply & demand forecasting on a granular level
  • scenario-based market balance and price forecast allowing you to assess risk
  • extensive market data
  • energy market trends
  • detailed, forward-looking auction and free allocation data
  • historical and projected emissions by sector and geography

A world-class team of analysts

At Veyt, our expert analysts, renowned in the industry, provide trusted guidance, reliable insights, and exceptional support for navigating the compliance carbon market effectively.