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EU Carbon

Europe’s carbon market (EU ETS) is the cornerstone of reducing emissions in line with the ambitious Fit-for-55 target framework. The market framework has been adapted numerous times since its inception in 2005 and will continue to change.

Our real-time analytics products and services are built by a team of experienced EU carbon market analysts and data scientists. We provide a wealth of granular historic and actual data to understand the EU ETS mechanics.

Our powerful in-house modelling approach provides in-depth insights into market participant behaviour and allows us to anticipate future market dynamics in great detail.

Veyt EU ETS Premium product on a screenVeyt EU ETS Premium product on a screen

Scenario modelling and long-term forecasting that

  • goes in-depth on EU ETS demand and supply parameters
  • identifies risk and opportunities
  • accounts for agent behaviour and stakeholder strategies
  • creates long-term visibility with a view towards 2030 and beyond
  • provides predictive analytics
  • is based on detailed assessment of abatement options and costs in various sectors
  • reflects a deep understanding of the evolving policy and regulatory landscape
EU ETS product - EUA Open interest seasonalityEU ETS product - EUA Open interest seasonality

Timely analysis covering

  • market and price drivers
  • European policy and regulatory developments
  • market behaviour and stakeholder positions
  • regular market updates and outlooks on a weekly basis
  • advanced technical analysis

Interactive dashboards covering

  • supply & demand forecasting on a granular level
  • scenario-based market balance and price forecast allowing you to assess risk
  • extensive market data
  • energy market trends
  • detailed, forward-looking auction and free allocation data
  • historical and projected emissions by sector and geography

A world-class team of analysts

At Veyt, our expert analysts, renowned in the industry, provide trusted guidance, reliable insights, and exceptional support for navigating the compliance carbon market effectively.